Dating Apps Like Skout Improve Lifestyle

As dating apps proliferate, they are becoming more and more focused on specific groups. Whether it is an ethic group, a religion, homosexuality, a hobby, a hookup or an age group, every dating app seems to have its own unique feature. In recent years, a new app has appeared that seeks to be more well-rounded. Skout hopes to help individuals meet new people and expand their circle of friends, whether it is for dating or not.

The company recently conducted a survey of 3,700 people around the country. It found that in contrast to the crass hookup apps or very demographically segmented apps, people were actually seeking to expand their circle of friends and gain new experiences from people unlike themselves.

Survey respondents believe that having more friends helps them improve their lives, improve their jobs and improve their fitness. They are open to blind dates with people they have never met. However, they are less inclined to have open relationships with several people.

Dieting and fitness was a topic of very high interest. Survey respondents wanted friends that could keep them in shape and on their case. Positive peer pressure is the best way to improve diet and keep people motivated. More friends help to push you in the right direction, whether it is for fitness and dieting. As dieting is extremely difficult, it is best with a large network to help out.

Skout seeks to ride these trends and enable more people to make new friends in their vicinity. The company has expanded rapidly to 180 different countries around the world. It also has 14 different languages, so new friends may be from a completely different culture!

The mobile app can be downloaded from the iOS, Android or Windows stores. The company is also backed by leading venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in the hub of technological innovation, San Francisco. Based on it trajectory, Skout will continue to grow and expand, connecting more and more new friends around the world. Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon and join the revolution.

Brad Reifler: Successful Serial Entrepenuer

Brad Reifler graduated Bowdoin College with degrees in Economics and Political Science and a year later founded Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982. His firm managed hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts and soon evolved to institutional research, information dissemination, global derivative advisory and execution services. After its success, Reifler sold Reifler Trading Corporation to Refco, which CrunchBase shows.

During his time at Reifler Trading corporation, Brad Reifler established himself as a globally trusted professional in the financial services and was therefore able to successfully found Pali Capital in 1995. Unlike Reifler Trading Corporation, Pali Capital was a sell side broker dealer focusing strictly in the equity markets. At Pali Capital, Reifler combined top research with credit analysis and derivative structures to create a “packaged” strategy and taught sales trader how to articulate and execute that strategy. In Reifler’s 13 years as a CEO at Pali Capital, its growth was astounding. The company employed over 300 people, had offices in four continents, and did well in excess of $1 billion in commissions.

In 2005, Brad Reifler founded his current company, Forefront Capital, LLC, under a completely new idea for investment. The company has several subsidiaries including Forefront Advisory, LLC and Forefront Partners. Recently, Brad Reifler and his colleagues at Forefront Capital began their latest initiative, Forefront Income Trust. The publicly listed fund focuses on catering to non-accredited investors, the 99%. The fund does not charge a management fee until the investor makes 8%. With this new initiative, Reifler hopes to emulate his past success for the people of the middle and lower classes.

As a serial entrepreneur, Brad Reifler has been very successful and he will only bring that success forward.