Benefits of Using Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Software by Sentient AI Technologies

Nowadays, more and more businesses are realizing the crucial roles artificial intelligence (AI) plays in their success. Thanks to AI technologies, businesses have automated most, if not all, of their core processes and routine tasks. Automation has drastically reduced the inefficiencies and in the process, increased the profit margins of these businesses. Additionally, Sentient AI is making it possible for marketers to systematically track their progress and accurately predict future trends.

CRO Software

Conversion rate optimization software works wonders towards enhancing the overall customer experiences. By tracking the consumer’s spending habits, business owners are able to pinpoint the exact needs and wants of their targeted customers and act accordingly. Business owners no longer have to spend countless hours researching the perfect marketing campaign as the AI technologies does all that for them. The entrepreneurs are left with ample time to focus on the other poignant aspects of their growing businesses.

Cutting Costs and Maximizing Returns

In the past, the process of creating a conversion rate optimization campaign used to be a livid nightmare for e-retailers and website owners. First, the website owners had to grapple with the ever-rising costs of hiring proficient and reliable sales and marketing staff to promote their optimization campaigns. And, even after paying a fortune for SEO and other marketing services, there was still no guarantee of their sites and stores achieving the intended conversions.

Here’s why the manual conversion rate optimization strategies often failed.

The variables influencing the conversion rates are very unpredictable. It’s humanly impossible to anticipate and react quickly enough to sudden economic changes in given demographics. Sales and marketing experts had no way of figuring out sudden societal changes that are bound to arise with time. What’s more, it’s next to impossible for the sales team to plan for sudden changes in the physical and mental health statuses of their intended target clients.

Fortunately, however, businesses got a reprieve with the introduction of advanced conversation rate optimization (CRO) AI-powered software. The revolutionary software by Sentient Technologies allows the entrepreneurs to experiment with many business ideas and to unlock their full potential.

About Sentient Technologies

Sentient Technologies is a San-Francisco based AI startup company founded in 2007. So far, the tech company has raised over $143 million in funding making it the world’s number one best-funded AI firm. The leading American AI based tech company specializes in promoting online content, e-commerce ventures, and stock market trading. The founders of Sentient Technologies are Babak Hodjat, Adam Cheyer, and Antoine Blondeau. The company partnered up with Apple Inc. to develop the popular voice recognition software called Siri. They also collaborated with MIT’s AI labs to develop efficient blood pressure measuring tools.