Switching to Popular Smart Lighting with Gooee

If you could control the lights in your home without having to actually be at the fixture itself, you might want to consider this as an option because it truly works for many people. There is a type of electricity known as smart lighting that enables you to actually turn the fixtures on and off even if you are nowhere near to your home. This is a wonderful option for a lot of people and can be exactly what you have been looking for when it comes to lessening the amount that you pay for electric each and every month. There is a company known as Gooee that has smart lighting available to you and they can do all of the installation work so that this is a project you do not have to do on your own.


Lots of people are realizing that smart lighting is allowing for them to save tons of money simply because of the fact that they can turn lights off even if they are not home. You will also receive an alert on your smartphone if the light at home was left on and then you can choose to turn it off from the same type of phone. More and more families are realizing that Gooee smart lighting is a wonderful option for them and can totally change the way they view the electricity in their home as well as the electric bill they receive every single month that has been high in the past due to poor lighting options.

Bury Bad Articles Spotlights The Importance of New Content

According to BuryBadArticles.com, the science in pushing back bad articles is linked with straightforward metrics. Content creation and pageviews can be exploited to your advantage, which in turn drives the negative news down in search results. It sounds simplistic yet the chaos of churning out dozens of daily newsworthy articles that lure a healthy dose of traffic requires a certain level of crafty competence. “Our fixers have selected a handful of the most advantageous tactics to suppress bad articles,” said one BuryBadArticles.com representative.

Why Negative News

There is a gravitational pull when it comes to digesting negative articles. People love controversy. Even worse, the internet is full of delightfully opinionated readers who want to give their two cents, and oftentimes add in a few tidbits of their own. Today, compliments and accusations breed opinions, and even some backlash, leaving a path of wounded reputations. The breakthrough with cleaning up tarnished reputations was the ability to hijack the news and exploit metrics. While its true, not every story pulls in massive traffic, a heavy dose of search engine friendly news becomes a home run to help push down bad articles. At times, even pointless stories with headline titles move to the top of Google because its fresh and the algorithm loves it.

The Master of Suppression

“Content creation is the megawatt resolution to burying negative news,” says a BuryBadArticles representative. As a reputation fixer, burybadarticles is tasked with advancing narratives that not only suppress the negativity but flip the negative with more positive news.

While content is the main objective to suppressing negative news, the next step is reframing your online narrative. Reframing is altering the perception of a person. So, if your current online perception is rather bleak and tarnished, your content should focus on the positive aspects of you or your business. For example, if you’ve updated your software to handle calls more efficiently or perhaps you’ve began a fundraiser for a non-profit event, then this positive news could outshine the bad articles. Our perception is altered by simply changing the content, or the frame for which you are viewed. When this content is news worthy the new narrative becomes a traffic magnet and rises to the top of the search engines.

You may wonder if this tactic to change negative online news is manipulative; absolutely, but a premier reputation management firm like BuryBadArticles believes everyone has the right to frame their story in a positive light to shift the reader’s focus.



Targeted Online Marketing Can Turn Your Business Around

The internet is like an ocean filled with an ever-growing population of fish just waiting to get hooked. The problem is some baits are invisible, which means that the fish will not see them.

Your business cannot do much with invisible bait, so what you need to do is rethink the bait to effectively target the fish meant for you. And you can do this with professional help from White Shark Media.

How Can White Shark Media Re-Imagine Your Bait?

Your product or service may be unique, but not many will have the opportunity to know this if your business gets lost in the crowd. You can think of your customers as book enthusiast who won’t read the book because the cover was not interesting enough. The experts at White Shark Media have developed a fool-proof targeted marketing system that should help your business stand out amongst the rest.

Understanding Your Customer’s Needs

One thing that the experts behind White Shark Media can do for you is help you understand your audience. This step is done by using SEO skills to discover the kinds of problems your customers have and the solutions they are looking for. For example, a customer interested in visiting a dentist might look for natural alternatives to toothpaste, instead of a dentist near them.

Understanding the queries of your customers should help you write content that will actually attract prospects.

Re-Examining Your Keywords

Keywords may not be as important as understanding your possible customer’s needs, but they are helpful. Keywords may reveal that people who are interested in your business look for a specific item. A customer that is in need of a mechanic may search for car hesitation, instead of car repair.

The experts at White Shark Media will use SEO tools to re-examine the keywords most associated with your industry and help you come up with more targeted topics. The tools will likely use Google as its starting base, since most searches are done through that particular search engine.

You can clearly see that choosing White Shark Media to help you optimize your bait will likely send you a bounty of profitable customers.


White Shark Media is a company filled with experts who truly understand trends and how consumers operate the web. This knowledge was easily passed on to me to create content that was SEO-friendly that effectively attracted the kind of customers I’ve been hungry for. I couldn’t be happier with the results and, truth-be-told, the articles they helped me create were good enough to make me an avid reader of my own content.

Highlights From Josh Verne’s Interview On Knowledge For Men Podcast

Highlights From Josh Verne’s Interview On Knowledge For Men Podcast
Josh Verne, an entrepreneur from Philadelphia made on appearance on the Knowledge For Men podcast network. He was interviewed for about 40 minutes by Knowledge For Men website founder Andrew Ferebee. Below are some of the highlights of the interview that include tips and advice given by Josh Verne on business and life.

When it comes to management, Josh Verne said that to be truly successful, a manager must be a leader and not a boss. There could be textbook definitions, but Josh bases his view of a boss and leader based on real business experience. A boss, according to him, just uses their position to complete his or her goals. They demand respect from employees and follow through on their own self interest.

A leader has several distinctions from a boss. Josh Verne believes that a leader puts other people above himself. This earns him respect and he does not have to demand it. With that earned respect, the leader can then work more effectively to achieving the goals that he and his team have laid out together.

Josh Verne believes that trying to force your way onto your employees and demanding respect will not lead you to becoming a leader. It may actually backfire and lead to resentment. Instead he says, think of how you can cooperate with others and serve your employees. Then by working together, you can achieve almost any task before you and uncover new opportunities.

Another word of advice from Josh Verne is to always try to create-win situations. If you only try to create win-win situations for everybody, then this will force you to try to achieve the very best result that is great for everyone. What Josh Verne is referring to is that deals and choices should be made that benefit your business, your company employees, your clients and your bottom line. Stop settling for deals that only benefit one party. Look for deals where everybody benefits. The results from this way of thinking can increase business dramatically as well as your reputation. Try it out sometime.

Another word of advice from Josh Verne is to listen more than you talk. He says that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen to the advice of people around you. Don’t ignore it. You may think that you know everything or that your way is best. Somebody around you however, could have a better plan or an idea that could really simplify a task. Listen and ask plenty of question says Josh Verne. You will become more knowledgeable and grow as a person this way.

More information for Josh Verne:

The US Money Reserve Helps Make Gold Coins Into Good Investments

The US Money Reserve is a great place to come when someone wants to invest. The best investors are going to be able to save their money in gold coins when they are buying from US Money Reserve, and it is very easy for people to use these coins to stay solid. They can get very solid investments that are very easy to use, and they can be stored and collected at any time. That means that someone can grow a pretty big collection, or they can use the collection to trade coins to make it gain more value.

The value of the collection can be checked based on the value of the gold in the world, and the gold coins can be sold based on that value. It makes a lot more sense for people to use the coins instead of stocks because the coins are so stable. The coins are a very easy thing to hold onto, and they can be kept anywhere. Putting them into a safe deposit box is pretty easy to use, and the coins can be displayed in a home if that is what people want. It is all about making sure that the coins will last long enough to rise in value.

There is a simplicity about gold coins that anyone can appreciate. There are many ways to get this done, but the wise investor is making sure that they have talked to someone who knows their coins. They can pick out the best designs based on what they have been told, and they can sell the coins when they are ready.

Someone who wants to invest money needs to be sure that they try for something that is easy to use. Gold coins from the US Money Reserve are extremely easy to use, and they provide all the value of a stock. They are simple to buy, and they come with amazing designs that people will love to look at. The designs come with the coins in every season, and reading through the catalog at US Money Reserve will help people decide how they will invest in gold coins on their purchase.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/u-s-money-reserve#/entity

The Unique Brexit Coins Arrive

The outcome of The Brexit shocked many. Polls suggested that The United Kingdom’s voters would choose to remain. The polls turned out to be inaccurate as the vote to leave went through. History was made and continues to be made. Recent legislative votes are moving the exit forward at a rapid pace. Again, these are historic events to be commemorated. Among the ways the Brexit is being honored is in the form of three unique coins.

There are two parties to thanks to the new coins. The first is the Liechtenstein’s Coin Invest Trust, the entity that produced the physical coins. The other is the Cook Islands, the region that backs the coins as legitimate and legal currency. Of course, no one likely wants to spend these coins. Buying them for collectible and investment purposes is the reason for procuring them. A $1 silver coin is accompanied by two gold coins, one $5 piece and one $20 piece.

Silver is popular among certain investors, but gold is going to be consistently more popular. Hence, the two gold coins are sure to be purchased by those with an interest in building up their precious metals assets. Interestingly, gold purchasing in the United Kingdom has increased quite a bit following the Brexit.

An increase in gold – and other precious metal buying – in the U.K. should be expected. The Brexit does have many on edge regarding the stability of the economy in the United Kingdom. If the economy takes a downward turn, stocks and currency suffer. Gold or silver could effectively hedge a portfolio.

The Brexit and other factors play a role in the United States’ economy as well. In the U.S., purchasing precious metals has become a popular primary and secondary investment strategy. Buying from a reliable seller is a must in order to procure the proper assets.

U.S. Money Reserve of Austin, TX remains a top distributor of gold coins and more. The company has moved millions of dollars in sales throughout North America. U.S. Money Reserve continues to grow as one of the premiere gold, silver, and platinum sellers in the industry.

Fabletics Provides New Fashion Options

Kate Hudson has taken the world of workout clothing by storm providing her own unique take on how fashionable workout gear can be. This company has laid the groundwork for what is fashionable in the yoga pants genre. In a recent interview with Marie Claire Magazine, Hudson revealed some of her recent releases and new products being rolled out for their ever broadening site. This is happening by the introduction of what Hudson calls athleisure wear in Fabletics. This is going to provide a comfortable, great looking dress that looks fantastic and will be able to be seen in public. All of the girls who love to stay in their comfortable workout clothing can now take their look to an appealing next level.

The new line of dresses seemed like a natural progression for Hudson and Fabletics. They already provide some of the cutest and most comfortable workout gear on the market today. It is a great feeling to be able to go to your workout and know that you look fantastic and all of your body is covered and supported during the most stressful activities. That type of confidence is now being implemented into the new athleisure wear. It works a lot like your favorite leggings on https://consumerist.com/2016/02/12/yes-real-life-fabletics-stores-just-exist-to-sell-more-vip-memberships/. It supports and compresses the backside and makes every part of you look its absolute best. Hudson believes the dresses are perfect for most settings including at the office or out on the town. Whatever you are doing, this clothing line will give you the power to look great and be beautiful.

The dresses are created using the same sturdy and flexible fabrics that all of their workout gear is made from and that creates the supportive and sturdy feel that will allow you to be more active. Hudson doesn’t recommend that you go hiking in the dress but it will provide plenty of support for you when you go out on the town. Some of the dresses on http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos come with a built in bra already included. That of course makes them extremely comfortable and shows the support and confidence that they provide their customers. Even the dresses that require a bra are easy to wear and don’t require a lot of effort to look great.

There are also a new line of bathing suits coming out from Fabletics that are designed to look great but also to provide support so that a girl could wear the top as a sports bra and still look great at the beach. It is important that ladies are able to be as active as possible but also to provide a feeling of protection without compromising their beauty or femininity. Hudson is glad to be associated with Fabletics so that they can provide great looking athletic style clothing for all occasions that is much less expensive than others can provide. 

Fond Memories of Stephan Murray of CCMP Capital

Stephan Murray and an Incredible Life

Stephan Murray was born on August 2, 1962 and he had passed away on March 12, 2015. This is a man who fully lived his life. He impacted many during his career at CCMP Capital and he made a large dent in society. He was married to Tami Murray and together they had four children.

He had an intriguing career after he graduated from college in the year 1984. He attended Boston College and earned his degree in economics. He did not stop there because he then obtained his master’s degree in business administration. He had moved on to Columbia Business School in the year 1989.

A Supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and More

During his life, Stephan Murray was an individual who incorporated philanthropy into his own life. One of the organizations that he supported was the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This was of Metro New York. This is an organization that will grant a wish to a child. Read more: A History of CCMP Capital And Its Founding CEO Stephen Murray

The goal of this organization is to make a wish come true. This is for any child who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. Stephan supported this worthy cause. Giving many children a sense of hope and fulfilling at least one of their dreams.

Stephan Murray also became involved in several other philanthropy endeavors. He was a generous man who truly believed in giving to his community. Philanthropy and Stephan Murray of CCMP Capital have left many fond memories. Stephan Murray has left a beautiful legacy.

A Private Equity Investor

Stephen Murray was last employed at CCMP Capital. He was chief executive officer and president. Once again, Stephan left his noteworthy mark and a solid legacy. Stephan has a long list of career accomplishments. He was an intelligent and talented man who worked hard and gave 100 percent of himself. Read more: The Exponential Growth of CCMP Capital Under Stephen Murray’s Leadership

A Life Well-Lived

Stephan Murray is a man who is indeed still missed and fondly thought of. He is a person that had a life well-lived. Stephan was an inspiration. He was a family man amongst his other life endeavors. He touched many lives during his lifetime and this is the reason that people have so many fond memories of Stephan Murray. These are memories of a man who was not afraid to a full and active life.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:



Talk Fusion Changes How We Do Business

When it comes to business, communication is key. This is why more and more businesses are turning to video solutions to improve communications all across the board. Talk Fusion is a company that owes its rapid growth to this expanding trend.

Talk Fusion is a leading video communications platform. They offer unique solutions for a variety of businesses looking for innovative communications solutions. One of the most popular solutions they offer is live video conferencing.

Live video conferencing is rapidly growing for international businesses. By utilizing this technology, businesses are able to cut cost related to travel and lodging that typically occur with standard face to face meetings. This technology also allows meetings to be scheduled more freely, which results in greater communication with business partners.

Talk Fusion also offers some of the greatest technological developments in video communication. They offer complete support for a multitude of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This allows users’ to utilize the video service while on the go, as well as in the comfort of their own homes. The company is continuing to develop new and innovative solutions for a variety of communications needs, thanks in part to the leadership of Bob Reina.

Bob Reina has over twenty years of communications marketing experience. He prides himself on the level of detail that Talk Fusion gives their products. Even with his busy schedule leading Talk Fusion, he still makes time for charitable causes, such as animal rights. His direct leadership style has helped Talk Fusion to grow into the company it is today.

Bob Reina continues to work with the company to develop effective communications tools for a variety of business sectors. Thanks to his commitment to product development, the multitude of solutions Talk Fusion offers will only continue to grow.

Talk Fusion is on the forefront of communications development for businesses. They offer innovative solutions that are designed to fit the growing needs of businesses everywhere. When it comes to providing innovative solutions, Talk Fusion is the game changer we’ve been waiting for.

Leo’s Wikipedia Page Gets Hacked

Wikipedia is a resource that many of us use on a regular basis. The one problem with Wikipedia articles is that they can be changed by any user on the Wikipedia system. This is something that can cause problems for many celebrities and businesses. In most recent news, Leonardo DiCaprio was the victim of a Wikipedia page hacking. His page now shows the phrase “FINALLY HAS A GODDAMNED OSCAR” after every occurrence of his name. This is something that will be hard for the celebrity to take care of on his own. Most likely the crew of publicists that DiCaprio has on staff are already taking care of this issue. 

It is incredible to see the lengths that fans will go to in order to show their devotion to their favorite actors. Wikipedia stunts like this have been going on for quite some time. The timing of this Wikipedia stunt was perfect with the recent Best Actor Award the DiCaprio earned at the Oscars. It will be exciting to see what length fans will go to in order to show their devotion in the coming days and weeks.  However, now Leo will have to hire Wiki experts from a Wikipedia editing service to polish his page for him.

Wikipedia has for many years been one of the best ways to gain legitimacy as a professional or business. Companies are out there ready to help you create a Wikipedia page that is the best it can possibly be. Get Your Wiki is the leading company that will be able to help individuals or businesses get the Wikipedia page that they are looking for. The professional Wiki writers working at this firm have the expertise and skills needed to create top of the line Wikipedia pages for their clients. There are very few companies that can help to create a Wikipedia page as effectively as Get Your Wiki.

Learn more about their services here >> http://www.getyourwiki.com/make-a-wikipedia-page-hire-wikipedia-writers/