Mighty Fortress Church, Awesome Place To Worship God

Mighty Fortress Church is a great church that is located in Minneapolis, MN. The senior pastor of the church is Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Thomas Williams is the senior pastor of the church and he genuinely loves what he does for a living. Over the years, Pastor Thomas Williams has helped many Christians find God and find their salvation. Christians have been able to enjoy the word of the Lord with all of the modern examples that Pastor Thomas Williams uses throughout his preaching in order to get his members to relate to God. The pastor has received many different levels of degrees throughout his years of experience. For example, the pastor has received two honorary doctoral degrees for all of his great works. Visit theperfectreporter.com to know more.

In addition to having a great head pastor for the church, Mighty Fortress also has a great atmosphere inside their church. Mighty Fortress Church is one of the most lively churches to attend. The church welcomes their members to attend and worship God in any way that they choose. Members are encouraged to attend to and stomp, clap, sing, and dance to the church’s live band and choir as a way to worship God. Many people enjoy the unique ways that guest and members are allowed to come to God and worship God.

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Mighty Fortress Church’s goal is to help all of their members seek salvation. Mighty Fortress Church believes that seeking salvation from God is easy, the only thing that it requires from members is will power. People who are seeking salvation are encouraged to repent and confess that the Lord is your Lord and savior. After this, members are encouraged to pray and become baptized.

Mighty Fortress Church is also a place that encourages their guest and members to be themselves. The church wants all of their members to know that they don’t have to change themselves in order to come to church. Members are welcomed to church with all of their problems and leave them at the alter so that God can change the situation for them. Mighty Fortress Church has been working hard to save all of their members. The church has successfully saved hundreds of their members across the world. Mighty Fortress is a fantastic church! Watch this video on Youtube.

Organo Gold Has a Product for Everyone to Promote Healthy Living

When people wake up in the morning, the first thing they typically grab is a cup of coffee. That’s because coffee helps so many of us get our day started. It’s something that many of us can’t live without because it offers a delicious pick-me-up. Unfortunately, not all coffee is the greatest for our health. Often times, it can be full of artificial flavors and sweeteners. There is still coffee out there that is delicious while being good for our health. Shop now at Shopog.com.

Organo Gold is one of those brands. They are sold by independent distributors who are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. That means that you can grab the great tasting product no matter where you live. The Organo Gold Black Ganoderma Coffee is one of their most popular and versatile products. It is great for endurance and energy, without all the jitters and headaches that come from normal coffee.

Organo Gold also helps consumers lose weight. Coffee is one of those things that naturally help people slim down when not loaded with unnecessary ingredients. Organo Gold is unlike any other because its ingredients are some of the best on earth. Their black coffee contains powerful antioxidants such as the Ganoderma mushroom which provides a hint of flavor. Organo Gold coffee is robust, smooth, and delicious. It can be customized to suit your taste buds. When you make a cup of their coffee, you’ll be surprised at how frothy it is.

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Organo Gold goes beyond coffee and sells a whole array of beverages to satisfy the taste buds of almost anyone, whether or not they’re trying to lose weight. These products are perfect to take on the go and they’re quick to make! You don’t even have to sacrifice taste when it comes to these. Organo Gold makes a variety of other beverages, as well. These include lattes, mochas, hot cocoa, green tea, red tea, black tea, and more! All of their beverages still have the same powerful antioxidants and high-quality ingredients. The Organo Cafe Lattee is full of fiber and Ganoderma.

If you’re looking to live an all-around healthy lifestyle, check out the body management line from Organo. These include protein powders, supplements, and more. Altogether, these products work to promote a healthy lifestyle. Their protein powders come in different flavors such as creamy vanilla and rich chocolate. They contain bioactive nutrients and protein that helps you lose weight as a meal replacement. Watch this video on Youtube.

Benefits of Using Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Software by Sentient AI Technologies

Nowadays, more and more businesses are realizing the crucial roles artificial intelligence (AI) plays in their success. Thanks to AI technologies, businesses have automated most, if not all, of their core processes and routine tasks. Automation has drastically reduced the inefficiencies and in the process, increased the profit margins of these businesses. Additionally, Sentient AI is making it possible for marketers to systematically track their progress and accurately predict future trends.

CRO Software

Conversion rate optimization software works wonders towards enhancing the overall customer experiences. By tracking the consumer’s spending habits, business owners are able to pinpoint the exact needs and wants of their targeted customers and act accordingly. Business owners no longer have to spend countless hours researching the perfect marketing campaign as the AI technologies does all that for them. The entrepreneurs are left with ample time to focus on the other poignant aspects of their growing businesses.

Cutting Costs and Maximizing Returns

In the past, the process of creating a conversion rate optimization campaign used to be a livid nightmare for e-retailers and website owners. First, the website owners had to grapple with the ever-rising costs of hiring proficient and reliable sales and marketing staff to promote their optimization campaigns. And, even after paying a fortune for SEO and other marketing services, there was still no guarantee of their sites and stores achieving the intended conversions.

Here’s why the manual conversion rate optimization strategies often failed.

The variables influencing the conversion rates are very unpredictable. It’s humanly impossible to anticipate and react quickly enough to sudden economic changes in given demographics. Sales and marketing experts had no way of figuring out sudden societal changes that are bound to arise with time. What’s more, it’s next to impossible for the sales team to plan for sudden changes in the physical and mental health statuses of their intended target clients.

Fortunately, however, businesses got a reprieve with the introduction of advanced conversation rate optimization (CRO) AI-powered software. The revolutionary software by Sentient Technologies allows the entrepreneurs to experiment with many business ideas and to unlock their full potential.

About Sentient Technologies

Sentient Technologies is a San-Francisco based AI startup company founded in 2007. So far, the tech company has raised over $143 million in funding making it the world’s number one best-funded AI firm. The leading American AI based tech company specializes in promoting online content, e-commerce ventures, and stock market trading. The founders of Sentient Technologies are Babak Hodjat, Adam Cheyer, and Antoine Blondeau. The company partnered up with Apple Inc. to develop the popular voice recognition software called Siri. They also collaborated with MIT’s AI labs to develop efficient blood pressure measuring tools.

The Greatest Collection of Mad-Cap Comedians Ever on the Big Screen


For movie producers to match the cinematic appeal of the 1963 motion picture masterpiece It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, they’d have to break the bank. It would be financially impractical to blend that many world-renowned comedians into one screenplay. Trying to persuade a collection of superstar funny people to share equal credits and billing today would be essentially, ‘Mission Impossible’.



In the early 1960s, as color consumed the world of motion pictures across the big screen, and some of the greatest movies of all time were born, producer/director Stanley Kramer pulled off something that may never again be accomplished. The moment one of the era’s most noteworthy stars drove his 1957 Ford Fairlane airborne off a cliff, a cast of colossal cinematic clowns started a laugh-a-minute raucous race across Southern California in search of the proverbial buried loot.



With a dozen of the leading comedians in Hollywood during the early 60s taking on equal leading roles in some of the funniest movies, others who were not part of the final casting, literally begged Kramer for cameo appearances. The likes of Jerry Lewis, Jack Benny, Buster Keaton showed their faces for but a few seconds. A trio of black and white comedy clucks known as the Three Stooges, all had shorter parts than Jimmy Durante, who expired at the bottom of the cliff, less than 10-minutes into the film.


Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Buddy Hackett, Mickey Rooney, Jonathan Winters, Phil Silvers and the hilarious Ethel Merman tried to outwit, out maneuver and out run one another to a spot only known as the ‘Big W’. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World goes beyond just a collection of the most acclaimed comedy characters in a single motion picture, it is without rival as a continuously hilarious spectacle about an insane pursuit of fortune.

OSI Group Is An Award Winning Global Food Provider

The OSI Group is a top-notch global food provider that uses innovative ideas to propel itself forward.

Always with the customer in mind, OSI seeks new solutions to problems that have stumped the food industry for years. Their employees and team members are quality people that work together in an enthusiastic and productive environment that encourages thinking outside of the box solutions. Being an equal opportunity employer, OSI Group guarantees that all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

The OSI Group was recently presented with the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council, which is an award that recognizes the best performers in occupational health and safety worldwide including the management of environmental risks. In order to even be considered for this award an organization must first achieve the maximum five starts in the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit scheme and must also demonstrate to an independent expert panel that their environmental management throughout their entire business, from top-to-bottom is excellent. This award is not given out lightly, and those who do receive it are recognized as being a worldwide leader in health and safety.

OSI Group has many plants in the U.S.A. under the name OSI industries, LLC. and these can be found in California, Wisconsin, Utah, Iowa, and Illinois. Here some of their products include poultry, pork, fish, vegetables, hot dogs, meat patties, bacon, and dough products. OSI co-packs major brand name items and produces many quality private label brand foods. As in their other plants around the world, OSI industries, LLC. holds itself to the highest standards and always ensures that its products meet the most rigorous of health inspections and environmental expectations.

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David Osio Has Been Steadily Working Towards A Better Global Community

David Osio has long been working towards helping others in the community as well as those looking to achieve success in business. Today, he has become a reputable name in the industry of real estate and investing, building up a massive empire over his career. Lucky for people everywhere, David has long been dedicated to sharing his knowledge and success with others to help create a better global community. Over the many years of his career, David has been donating to charities and making various contributions to humanitarian efforts around the world. He actively looks towards the future, not only for his work, but for helping others. This is what David advocates to others in order to be successful as well, too often he finds that individuals are trying to score big paydays without looking at the risks coming in the future. David manages to build an empire because he limited his risks and steadily built on his investments.

Today, David is the CEO and executive director for Davos Financial Group, a company focused on helping people with their investments endeavors. Not too long ago the company released and innovative little mobile app that allows their clients to see projected losses or gains on a specific property. They can also see cost related information for the present and future on a given property, such as the mortgage. By helping their clients stay more informed and take less risks, they can help a higher percentage of their clients be successful. Under David’s leadership, clients will have the best information and methods available to them in the industry today.

David has used this conservative approach over the course of his life, which has worked and allowed him to continue building his business to this day. His portfolio is giant, and he has plans for expansion in new plans still underway. David is a big advocate for giving back to the community, and not only does he insist others contribute, David has been donating and making huge contributions to worthwhile and philanthropic projects for many years. David Osio’s insistence on sharing his knowledge and methods in order to help others succeed is another aspect that makes him profound in the industry.

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China demuestra inconformidad con medidas económicas de Maduro

About David Osio


Thor Halvorssen Sees Education As Biggest Weapon Against North Korea

Thor Halvorssen sees education as the answer. The human rights activist believes that if more people are educated on the abuses of unilateral dictators around the world, they would be more likely to spring into action. And it is through education that he plans on taking down Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

Thor Halvorssen is the 39-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation. He and his 12 man staff travel to the border towns of South Korea in order to release balloons into North Korea. These balloons carry educational pamphlets in order to enlighten the citizens of North Korea to the abuses of their supreme leader. Thor Halvorssen is banking on the citizenry of North Korea to rise up against its own leader. He only sees this as possible if the citizens of North Korea are fully educated.

Kim Jong Un has a powerful propaganda grip on his own country. He has successfully convinced his people that he is a leader assigned from God. All the television programs in the country praise the leader. Every news program praises the leaders decisions and denigrates the outside world. And no North Korean has unfettered access to the Internet. Their views of the world are completely controlled by the government of North Korea. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

So the Human Rights Foundation works to get refugees out of North Korea while sling shooting and ballooning paraphernalia into the country. It is this kind of hands-on approach that is going to make Thor Halvorssen a rock star in the human rights world. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: https://www.buzzfeed.com/rosiegray/is-this-the-face-of-a-new-global-human-rights-movement?utm_term=.hu1rbrvoK#.sgLP3Pq98

Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela to a Hispanic mother and a Norwegian father. He received his education the United States at the University of Pennsylvania and speaks accent-less English. And coming from such a culturally diverse background allows him to feel the popular pulse of the world.

The man writes open letters to celebrities that perform for unilateral dictators. He gives interviews to news organizations in order to enlighten the world about people’s connections to these dictators. Essentially, the worldly man uses pop culture as a weapon against dictators and their human rights abuses.

How Mike Baur Is Transforming Swiss ICT Start-Ups

Mike Baur is a renowned Swiss investor. He invests in start-up companies through the Swiss Start-up Factory AG, a company that he co-founded. Apart from investing, the 44-year-old Swiss has been serving as a banker. He has 20 years of experience in the banking industry.

Baur was born in Fribourg, Switzerland, 44 years ago. He pursued his early education in the Fribourg before moving out for his university education. He is an alumnus of both the University of Rochester New York and the University of Bern where he studied MBA and Executive MBA respectively.

As a teenager, the young Baur was always fascinated by the banking and finance industry. During his university years, his interests in banking and finance grew more rapidly. Consequently, Mike Baur Joined the Swiss banking sector soon after graduating with his first degree. Over last 20 years, Mike has been a dedicated banker. His hard work has seen him rise through the ranks to become an executive board member of a Swiss bank despite starting as an apprentice at UBS just 20 years ago. This information was originally published on World Web Forum’s website.

A few years ago, Baur started looking for ways to invest his money. He noticed that by choosing the right start-up companies to invest in, he could get higher returns in shorter periods as compared to investing in already established companies. In 2014, he partnered with two like-minded investors to found the Swiss Start-up Factory. The new firm’s objective was to zero in on fundraising and financing ICT start-ups in Switzerland

Baur does not only provide financial assistance to these upcoming businesses. He uses his experiences to guide and mentor the companies on the right business practices. His efforts have seen most of the companies that he invests rise faster and avoid the similar problems that face other start-ups.

Swiss Start-up Factory is based in Zurich, Switzerland. The company’s main goal is to identify thriving digital entrepreneurs in order to give them financial and managerial boosts. The process sees the start-up company placed under a start-up accelerator program for at least three months. The program provides the new businesses with an entrepreneurial network, mentorship, coaching and office space in Zurich. Following the success of the projects in Switzerland, the company is now going global.

Since its inception, many investors have joined the Swiss Start-up Factory. One of these individuals is Michael Hartweg, Leonteq’s co-founder, who joined the firm late last year. The entrepreneur will join Mike Baur and other entrepreneurs in coaching and mentoring start-up tech companies. Baur believes that Hartweg will bring invaluable skills to the firm. This information was originally published on Finews.


CEO Mullen Lowe Brazil comments on the pitfalls of content and inbound marketing

An old maxim “advertising is the soul of business” is seen to be gaining a companion: “content is the soul of business.” More and more companies are becoming skillful at content marketing, with her partner, inbound marketing on Facebook. Entrepreneurs expect to get great results depending on the strategy to solve their problems. But we need to understand first the difference between content marketing and inbound marketing.

José Borghi, the CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, formally known as Borghi Lowe, say that inbound marketing is an approach to attract audiences by providing a material that will solve their difficulties, that is, delivering relevant content. That way the brand gets to be trusted by customers.

On the other hand, content marketing joins this process by constructing the relevant material. If it succeeds, the client will make a purchase or contract service according to Jose Borghi. If one becomes excited about the possibility of having more customers, the strategy mind ends up being poorly planned and fail. Thus it requires a cautious development.

Content marketing concepts that may spread wrongly leading to an alleged instant solution:
Look smart. Most companies believe that publishing an original content of its website on social networks will earn some points, but José Borghi says that it’s not enough in content marketing strategy. He says that SEO optimization, buyer personality study, and buying journey is what is required to avoid disappointment.

Be useful. It is the principal pillar of content marketing and advertising for Borghi. But there is the need to understand first the reader and what is important to him. For instance one need to ask about who the target user is and the expected time of his purchase. Because it will make no sense talking about the benefits of a product to satisfied customers who already made a purchase, one needs to provide information on benefits rather than the evidence of purchase.

Be present. At the current height of social networks, no company should risk being left out. Most Brazilian advertising agencies applaud the marketing offered by social media. It is important to disclose material in critical areas but ensure that the information falls in right platforms of social networks. Additionally, Mullen Lowe Brazil recalls that being present is not just posting things and go expecting positive advertising. One needs to be present by commenting and responding to clients.

If the content and inbound marketing strategies are applied in a shallow manner, the expected results might not be achieved. If the strategy at some point seemed like an easy solution, then you need to rethink. It requires preparation and patience. Sometimes contracting an Ad agency might assist in the process.

The Key To A Better Online Reputation Is To Work With Bury Bad Articles

No one likes to go online and read anything negative about their business, especially since it can easily affect their bottom line. Some of the hottest businesses out there have had terrible things said about them online, and they may have lost a lot of customers because of the information. Whether the information is true or not, any negative press about a business can be harmful, especially when it’s a customer spewing their hate online that leads to the company losing business. Most people can’t be silenced, even if they are threatened with legal action, and once something is written online, it can always be found.

Those who want to bury bad news will have a dilemma on their hands if they are constantly getting people who are telling them that they read a negative article about them online. In order to get bad articles to not affect one’s business, they should work with the Bury Bad Articles company. Although Bury Bad Articles is a newcomer to online reputation management, they certainly know what they’re doing and already have a great reputation. It takes time and effort to get a company’s reputation back to where it once was or to a superior level.

The best way to make a business more popular online is to bury bad search results. The bottom line is that many people will search for a business by name, and a lot of results will come up, whether they are good or bad. The search results are likely to bring up the bad news first because many people tend to focus on the negative and will click on the negative articles first. The more clicks that any negative article gets, the more likely it is to come up in future search results, which hurts the company’s online reputation.

Bury Bad Articles will put together a specific plan for any business to help them get better search results and better press in the online world, which means that after a while, it’s less likely that people will be talking about the bad information posted about that business. It’s even possible that the same negative press online will no longer show up in the search results, and only positive news will be found online about that business. Each day that passes, it’s possible that the business is losing more money and getting a worse online reputation, so consult Bury Bad Articles today.