Barbara Stokes Leads Green Structure Homes to New Successes

Green Structured Homes Delivered (GSH) of Huntsville, Alabama is known for its work with FEMA to provide temporary housing structures for victims of natural disasters. GSH has won a $28.5 million contract from FEMA. This has allowed GSH to hire more workers as they expand their operations. With all of the recent hurricanes and wildfires, GSH has had a huge increase in demand for their products. Read this article at

GSH products are top notch. While their modular can go up quickly, that does not indicate any issue with quality. Their modular structures are rated to maintain structural integrity at up to 130 mph winds. They also are resistant to pests, mildew, and mold. The units can be built with between 1-3 bedrooms. Interiors are customizable to meet customer needs. They take only days to put up, making them ideal for people in need of fast housing due to natural disasters.

The leader of this huge growth at GSH has been CEO Barbara Stokes. Barbara Stokes graduated in 2001 from Mercer University. While at Mercer, she studied Biomedical Engineering as well as Physics. She also took classes in Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, Structures and Property Materials, Manufacturing, and Management. Before coming to GSH, Barbara Stokes worked at Boeing and Pisces Corporation. She gained experience with government contracts while at these businesses, a skill that has served her well while growing GSH.


GSH does not just handle disaster relief housing, it also manufactures custom structures, guard shacks, and bollards for various clients, including the U.S. Navy. Barbara Stokes prides herself on her ability to land large government contracts and maintain the trust of her clients. Her extensive education and previous work experience have been invaluable as she grows GSH.

Another aspect of GSH that Barbara Stokes is proud of is that GSH hires American workers and does not outsource. Recently, 80 new employees were hired at GSH in Cullman, Alabama. Barbara Stokes is known for being no-nonsense when it comes to business, but still caring deeply for her employees. Read more about Barbara Stokes at