Whitney Wolfe: The Talented Entrepreneur

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of the Bumble dating app. Prior to this, she had co-started another dating app called Tinder. She left Tinder in 2014 when she started her own dating company. Apparently, Tinder is suing Bumble for alleged paternity lawsuit. When Wolfe left the dating firm she filed a sexual harassment complaint against Justin Marteen who was her fellow co-founder and ex-boyfriend. The result of the case was a one million dollars settlement which was done outside the jurisdiction of the court.

Match Group which is Tinder’s parent company alleges that Bumble copied it in function and look and feel. They also alleged that the company is copying trade secrets from them. The Bumble dating app favors women in that it lets them select who they want to continue talking to. In addition to this, its users swipe left as opposed to Tinder which lets its users swipe right. However, since the 2014 lawsuit, Tinder has attempted numerously to purchase Bumble. This includes a 2017 bid in which they were offering the company 450 million dollars. Nonetheless, Bumble has turned them down each time. Match Group own other dating apps which include OkCupid, Plenty of Fish and Match.com

To add more to the dating app saga, Match Group is claiming that some of its workers left their dating app company to work for Bumble and introduced some of the trade secrets they learned from them. These employees include Sarah Mick and Chris Gulczysnki who previously worked as designers at Tinder. However, information on their LinkedIn pages shows that both of the designers have also left Bumble.

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Whitney Wolfe is an American business executive and entrepreneur. The CEO and founder of Bumble is married to Michael Herd and she is now known as Whitney Wolfe Herd. Whitney attended the Southern Methodist University where she studied International Relations. It was while she was in college that her entrepreneurship streak began when she started a philanthropic bag business.

Herd is immensely talented in marketing and branding and according to Forbes Bumble is currently estimated to be worth over one billion dollars. When she left Tinder in 2014, the creator of Badoo contacted her and after consultations, they formed a partnership and launched Bumble in 2014.

Bumble has grown immensely over the years and apart from dating, the company has other functions such as BumbleBFF and BumbleBizz. BumbleBizz is the business part of the app and BumbleBFF is generally for locating friends. Whitney Wolfe has been rewarded numerously for her efforts in the dating app scene by reputable companies. These organizations include Forbes, Business Insider, Elle, Wired UK and Fast Company.


Popular Dating Apps Such As Skout Expect To See New Users

Apps have become increasingly popular in recent years. Users have found it possible to use their cellphones for many things including reaching out to others. Many of the most popular apps have users that number in the thousands and even more. According to a recent report in AdWeek about the most popular kind of apps, most people tend to use certain apps more than others. They often stick to a few proven apps that are right for them and allow them to be able to do things in life such as stay in contact with others and even find ways to date. Such apps are highly prized by users because they know exactly how to use them.

One company that has been able to tap into this kind of access is app provider Skout. This app has been one of the nation’s popular apps. People in many places have found that using it enables them to make connections with others in varied and important ways. They know they can count on Skout to provide them with access to others who also share their passion for jazz or want to try out a new Greek restaurant in their area and love the ideal of meeting there for lunch or just a quick slice of baklava.

The app aims to help connections of this kind easier and allow users to be able to pick and chose which kind of connections are just right for them. They also have found that Skout can help them locate both people who live locally and those who live in other parts of the world. They also know that they can count on the app to help the find someone who might share their interests when they are traveling to another part of the world and want to meet with them. This kind of meetup can be ideal for the traveler who has never been to that part of the world before and may not know it well. They can meet with someone who knows the region well and wants to show it to them.

Another popular use of this kind of app is for holidays such as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is traditionally when people seek out the company of others and those they love. It is also when people want to be much closer to others. Those at Skout expect to see a big uptick in the fourth quarter of the year as users around the world turn to Skout for help in locating the right potential partner for them. They know that people rely on their app to help them locate someone who shares their specific interests and and wants to use this holiday to help them reach out and make romantic connections with the right partner for them. They also know that using this app is a great way for any person to accomplish this task and locate many possible potential partners who are right for them and share their personal world view.

Dating Apps Like Skout Improve Lifestyle

As dating apps proliferate, they are becoming more and more focused on specific groups. Whether it is an ethic group, a religion, homosexuality, a hobby, a hookup or an age group, every dating app seems to have its own unique feature. In recent years, a new app has appeared that seeks to be more well-rounded. Skout hopes to help individuals meet new people and expand their circle of friends, whether it is for dating or not.

The company recently conducted a survey of 3,700 people around the country. It found that in contrast to the crass hookup apps or very demographically segmented apps, people were actually seeking to expand their circle of friends and gain new experiences from people unlike themselves.

Survey respondents believe that having more friends helps them improve their lives, improve their jobs and improve their fitness. They are open to blind dates with people they have never met. However, they are less inclined to have open relationships with several people.

Dieting and fitness was a topic of very high interest. Survey respondents wanted friends that could keep them in shape and on their case. Positive peer pressure is the best way to improve diet and keep people motivated. More friends help to push you in the right direction, whether it is for fitness and dieting. As dieting is extremely difficult, it is best with a large network to help out.

Skout seeks to ride these trends and enable more people to make new friends in their vicinity. The company has expanded rapidly to 180 different countries around the world. It also has 14 different languages, so new friends may be from a completely different culture!

The mobile app can be downloaded from the iOS, Android or Windows stores. The company is also backed by leading venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in the hub of technological innovation, San Francisco. Based on it trajectory, Skout will continue to grow and expand, connecting more and more new friends around the world. Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon and join the revolution.