The Unique Brexit Coins Arrive

The outcome of The Brexit shocked many. Polls suggested that The United Kingdom’s voters would choose to remain. The polls turned out to be inaccurate as the vote to leave went through. History was made and continues to be made. Recent legislative votes are moving the exit forward at a rapid pace. Again, these are historic events to be commemorated. Among the ways the Brexit is being honored is in the form of three unique coins.

There are two parties to thanks to the new coins. The first is the Liechtenstein’s Coin Invest Trust, the entity that produced the physical coins. The other is the Cook Islands, the region that backs the coins as legitimate and legal currency. Of course, no one likely wants to spend these coins. Buying them for collectible and investment purposes is the reason for procuring them. A $1 silver coin is accompanied by two gold coins, one $5 piece and one $20 piece.

Silver is popular among certain investors, but gold is going to be consistently more popular. Hence, the two gold coins are sure to be purchased by those with an interest in building up their precious metals assets. Interestingly, gold purchasing in the United Kingdom has increased quite a bit following the Brexit.

An increase in gold – and other precious metal buying – in the U.K. should be expected. The Brexit does have many on edge regarding the stability of the economy in the United Kingdom. If the economy takes a downward turn, stocks and currency suffer. Gold or silver could effectively hedge a portfolio.

The Brexit and other factors play a role in the United States’ economy as well. In the U.S., purchasing precious metals has become a popular primary and secondary investment strategy. Buying from a reliable seller is a must in order to procure the proper assets.

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