Brian Torchin Finds Success In The Health Industry

Brian Torchin is the owner and president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, also known as HCRC staffing, which is an online employment site for medical professionals. Torchin began HCRC staffing to connect employees with potential employers and help the health industry as a whole become more economical. LinkedIn shows that Brian Torchin received a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science at the University of Delaware before beginning his career in chiropractic medicine. He also has a background in sports medicine and physical therapy.

Working in the industry himself, he learned just how hard it is to find jobs in the healthcare industry. Torchin decided to begin HCRC with the goal to help his fellow medical practitioners find jobs and provide staff to health care businesses with effeciency. His services have already provided hospitals across the United States with many qualified medical professionals.

His resume shows that his once small business is growing into one of the biggest healthcare recruiting agencies in the world. Torchin opened offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida that branch out to the rest of the United States, and has even expanded into Europe, Canada, Australia, and Asia. Torchin works to provide professional, hassle free service and increase communication between employers and potential staff.  They’ve grown to become one of the most successful staffing agencies in the country.

He uses his own knowledge of running an efficient chiropractic practice to give others in the healthcare world advice on making their businesses better and improve the quality in care provided to patients. Torchin founded HCRC staffing on ethical, detail-oriented, and expedient values. He relies on his years of medical experience and knowledge to help others through his expanding business services.  From Brian Torchin’s bio on, you can see that he definitely has many years of knowledge.

Torchin also makes time to write articles for the firm’s blog, which cover topics on everything from sound business practices to finding the right person to hire. He has a positive outlook helping people in the health industry, no matter the situation, and is always available to answer questions. He is also involved in traveling across the country to publicly speak on solving the issues that plague the health industry’s workforce.

Brad Reifler: Successful Serial Entrepenuer

Brad Reifler graduated Bowdoin College with degrees in Economics and Political Science and a year later founded Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982. His firm managed hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts and soon evolved to institutional research, information dissemination, global derivative advisory and execution services. After its success, Reifler sold Reifler Trading Corporation to Refco, which CrunchBase shows.

During his time at Reifler Trading corporation, Brad Reifler established himself as a globally trusted professional in the financial services and was therefore able to successfully found Pali Capital in 1995. Unlike Reifler Trading Corporation, Pali Capital was a sell side broker dealer focusing strictly in the equity markets. At Pali Capital, Reifler combined top research with credit analysis and derivative structures to create a “packaged” strategy and taught sales trader how to articulate and execute that strategy. In Reifler’s 13 years as a CEO at Pali Capital, its growth was astounding. The company employed over 300 people, had offices in four continents, and did well in excess of $1 billion in commissions.

In 2005, Brad Reifler founded his current company, Forefront Capital, LLC, under a completely new idea for investment. The company has several subsidiaries including Forefront Advisory, LLC and Forefront Partners. Recently, Brad Reifler and his colleagues at Forefront Capital began their latest initiative, Forefront Income Trust. The publicly listed fund focuses on catering to non-accredited investors, the 99%. The fund does not charge a management fee until the investor makes 8%. With this new initiative, Reifler hopes to emulate his past success for the people of the middle and lower classes.

As a serial entrepreneur, Brad Reifler has been very successful and he will only bring that success forward.