Michael Zomber Obtains Historic Bowie Knife


Michael Ziomber, a respected antique arms and armor professional has obtained a Bowie Knife. It has a current engrave inscription, which claims that it was seized from John Brown’s attempted assassin. Brown was a major abolitionist. He was well known due to his belief that the only way to end slavery in the United States was through armed insurrection. Eventually, Brown was tried. Subsequently, he was hanged because of his deeds against the South


Sotheby describes the knife as an exceptional artifact. It comes from one of the bloodiest times in American History. The knife features a spear-point blade, coffin handle, as well as a nickel handle that is inset with mother of pearl. Zomber elucidates that the knife is a unique treasure from a time in history that he is mainly interested in. He notes that Brown was an important figure in the abolitionist movement. Therefore, it is an honor to possess a piece of Brown’s history.


Zomber has written two fiction novels based on history. The books revolve around the civil war and how it affected people. They comprise of Sweet Betsy That’s Me and A Son of Kentucky. A Son of Kentucky captures the life of rural America before the civil war. It does that via the story of Josiah Johnson. He was a poor tobacco farmer that declined to use slave labor. Sweet Betsy That’s Me is about a young girl in a western Kentucky farm that remakes the day when her father returned home wounded from the Civil War.


The latest acquisition as prompted the fans of his writing to think that a novel about John Brown may be in the pipeline. Michael Zomber says that the knife has inspired him creatively. However, he has not confirmed or rejected the idea of writing about John Brown.


About Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is an antique arms collector and world renowned historian, and he’s pretty popular on Facebook. An expert of history, Zomber has appeared on the History Channel. He has appeared on the Tales of the Gun series such as the Guns of the Famous and Million Dollar Guns. Additionally, Zomber is a respected authority on the Japanese Samurai weapons.


As made clear on B&N, he has also written more than four novels in addition to seven screenplays. Aside from A son of Kentucky as well as Sweet Betsy, he has authored the Soul of Samurai and Jesus and the Samurai. Zomber graduated with a degree in English and Psychology cum laude. He also graduated from UCLA with masters in English Literature.