Small Screen Stars Return For

The stars of some of the most famous soap operas in the history of U.S. TV are making a splash in the different genre of scripted reality television. Stars including Donna Mills, Hunter Tylo, and Crystal Hunt will return alongside cult soap opera stars like Joan Collins in a bid to take the genre back to its former glory. After falling out of favor with TV executives in recent years an all female cast of former soap opera stars have now formed a production company, intent on producing a modern soap opera that will be shown on network TV.

Crystal Hunt is one of the most famous names to have ever appeared in soap operas after making her mark in “Guiding Light”, and “One Life To Live”; it was her performance as Stacy Morasco in “One Life To Live” that left an indelible mark on the soap opera industry for the many shocking stories her character was involved in. As with all scripted reality shows the versions of themselves the cast portray are fictionalized in many ways, which for the “Queens Of Drama” means bringing a little of their soap opera characters, such as Stacy Morasco, back to the screen.  In fact Crystal and the ladies gave a great interview about the show coming up.

The career of Crystal Hunt has been successful throughout her life, including her time as a child star with the Disney production company. Hunt embarked on her career as a soap star at a young age, but has constantly returned to the big screen as she attempted to create a career that encompasses all aspects of the entertainment industry. In recent years the focus of Crystal Hunt has taken her both behind and in front of the camera in her search for continued success; one of the best known roles she has undertaken since the end of her soap opera days has been that of Lauren in “Magic Mike: XXL”. Crystal Hunt has also looked to take a more active role in the production of the movies she has appeared in, particularly in her role as executive producer for “Talbot County”.

Over the course of the seasons “Queens Of Drama” has been a major success for the women involved in the show, which includes an expanding cast as the move towards producing a new soap opera has become more important than ever before. The chance for viewers to see just how a new show is put together by a group of experienced performers is an intriguing apsect of the reality show; the relationships built between the all female cast is a further aspect of the show that has drawn viewers deeply into the mission of the group to create an entirely new soap oerpa for the digital age.