Bury Bad Articles Spotlights The Importance of New Content

According to BuryBadArticles.com, the science in pushing back bad articles is linked with straightforward metrics. Content creation and pageviews can be exploited to your advantage, which in turn drives the negative news down in search results. It sounds simplistic yet the chaos of churning out dozens of daily newsworthy articles that lure a healthy dose of traffic requires a certain level of crafty competence. “Our fixers have selected a handful of the most advantageous tactics to suppress bad articles,” said one BuryBadArticles.com representative.

Why Negative News

There is a gravitational pull when it comes to digesting negative articles. People love controversy. Even worse, the internet is full of delightfully opinionated readers who want to give their two cents, and oftentimes add in a few tidbits of their own. Today, compliments and accusations breed opinions, and even some backlash, leaving a path of wounded reputations. The breakthrough with cleaning up tarnished reputations was the ability to hijack the news and exploit metrics. While its true, not every story pulls in massive traffic, a heavy dose of search engine friendly news becomes a home run to help push down bad articles. At times, even pointless stories with headline titles move to the top of Google because its fresh and the algorithm loves it.

The Master of Suppression

“Content creation is the megawatt resolution to burying negative news,” says a BuryBadArticles representative. As a reputation fixer, burybadarticles is tasked with advancing narratives that not only suppress the negativity but flip the negative with more positive news.

While content is the main objective to suppressing negative news, the next step is reframing your online narrative. Reframing is altering the perception of a person. So, if your current online perception is rather bleak and tarnished, your content should focus on the positive aspects of you or your business. For example, if you’ve updated your software to handle calls more efficiently or perhaps you’ve began a fundraiser for a non-profit event, then this positive news could outshine the bad articles. Our perception is altered by simply changing the content, or the frame for which you are viewed. When this content is news worthy the new narrative becomes a traffic magnet and rises to the top of the search engines.

You may wonder if this tactic to change negative online news is manipulative; absolutely, but a premier reputation management firm like BuryBadArticles believes everyone has the right to frame their story in a positive light to shift the reader’s focus.



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