Highlights From Josh Verne’s Interview On Knowledge For Men Podcast

Highlights From Josh Verne’s Interview On Knowledge For Men Podcast
Josh Verne, an entrepreneur from Philadelphia made on appearance on the Knowledge For Men podcast network. He was interviewed for about 40 minutes by Knowledge For Men website founder Andrew Ferebee. Below are some of the highlights of the interview that include tips and advice given by Josh Verne on business and life.

When it comes to management, Josh Verne said that to be truly successful, a manager must be a leader and not a boss. There could be textbook definitions, but Josh bases his view of a boss and leader based on real business experience. A boss, according to him, just uses their position to complete his or her goals. They demand respect from employees and follow through on their own self interest.

A leader has several distinctions from a boss. Josh Verne believes that a leader puts other people above himself. This earns him respect and he does not have to demand it. With that earned respect, the leader can then work more effectively to achieving the goals that he and his team have laid out together.

Josh Verne believes that trying to force your way onto your employees and demanding respect will not lead you to becoming a leader. It may actually backfire and lead to resentment. Instead he says, think of how you can cooperate with others and serve your employees. Then by working together, you can achieve almost any task before you and uncover new opportunities.

Another word of advice from Josh Verne is to always try to create-win situations. If you only try to create win-win situations for everybody, then this will force you to try to achieve the very best result that is great for everyone. What Josh Verne is referring to is that deals and choices should be made that benefit your business, your company employees, your clients and your bottom line. Stop settling for deals that only benefit one party. Look for deals where everybody benefits. The results from this way of thinking can increase business dramatically as well as your reputation. Try it out sometime.

Another word of advice from Josh Verne is to listen more than you talk. He says that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen to the advice of people around you. Don’t ignore it. You may think that you know everything or that your way is best. Somebody around you however, could have a better plan or an idea that could really simplify a task. Listen and ask plenty of question says Josh Verne. You will become more knowledgeable and grow as a person this way.

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