Thor Halvorssen Sees Education As Biggest Weapon Against North Korea

Thor Halvorssen sees education as the answer. The human rights activist believes that if more people are educated on the abuses of unilateral dictators around the world, they would be more likely to spring into action. And it is through education that he plans on taking down Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

Thor Halvorssen is the 39-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation. He and his 12 man staff travel to the border towns of South Korea in order to release balloons into North Korea. These balloons carry educational pamphlets in order to enlighten the citizens of North Korea to the abuses of their supreme leader. Thor Halvorssen is banking on the citizenry of North Korea to rise up against its own leader. He only sees this as possible if the citizens of North Korea are fully educated.

Kim Jong Un has a powerful propaganda grip on his own country. He has successfully convinced his people that he is a leader assigned from God. All the television programs in the country praise the leader. Every news program praises the leaders decisions and denigrates the outside world. And no North Korean has unfettered access to the Internet. Their views of the world are completely controlled by the government of North Korea. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

So the Human Rights Foundation works to get refugees out of North Korea while sling shooting and ballooning paraphernalia into the country. It is this kind of hands-on approach that is going to make Thor Halvorssen a rock star in the human rights world. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela to a Hispanic mother and a Norwegian father. He received his education the United States at the University of Pennsylvania and speaks accent-less English. And coming from such a culturally diverse background allows him to feel the popular pulse of the world.

The man writes open letters to celebrities that perform for unilateral dictators. He gives interviews to news organizations in order to enlighten the world about people’s connections to these dictators. Essentially, the worldly man uses pop culture as a weapon against dictators and their human rights abuses.