Shaygan Kheradpir to Shake Things up at Coriant

After a time as an Operating Partner for Marlin Equity Partners last year, and forging some influential relationships along the way, Shaygan Kheradpir has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant, placing him in charge of strategic planning that will influence the company’s operations in more than 100 countries.

Seeing as finance is leaning more towards automation via data collection, retention and application, Shaygan’s experience with vast infrastructures was instrumental in making the decision to place him in an executive position. Under previous CEOs, Coriant has placed great focus on integration, data networking and packet optical solutions, which has helped increase its reach across the globe in an environment driven by emerging technologies.

Shaygan began his work with GTE in 1987, where he worked on network routing before eventually going on to become CEO.With nearly three decades working with technology, particularly telecommunications, and applying that knowledge in services extended to those in the finance market, Shaygan has worked with Juniper Networks, Verizon and Barclay’s in executive positions. Shaygan has also taken positions at various charitable organizations and institutions. He’s also been involved with his alma matter, Cornell University, where he served on their Engineering Council and on the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Shaygan’s technological aptitude will be instrumental to his time with Coriant as they continue to develop and distribute IP transport systems to their clients. With so many companies in this market, both established and emerging, Coriant has sizeable competition to consider when looking to attract new clients to their portfolio.

By applying emerging technologies to their existing infrastructure and devoting time to research in new ways to acquire appropriate data sets, Shaygan has before him the involved task of competing in a market that is constantly on the verge of transformation due to the rapid development of technology. With his decades of experience, Shaygan is poised to meet these demands like no other.

With his new executive position at Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir will manage his experience acquired from diverse career experiences and those of his staff. How he goes about it will impact Coriant’s involvement with hundreds of customers in different markets that contribute to the company’s annual revenue that is in excess of $1 billion, and will determine whether or not the company can continue to be competitive with other telecommunications companies like Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco in those disparate market with differing needs.

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The Aspect of Investment Banking According to Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a field specifically concerned with capital and financing. An investment bank is a financial institution dedicated to raising finance and capital for hedge fund, businesses and the governments. What an investment bank does is guarantee and issue securities on behalf of its agents or its clients. The services of an investment bank extend to equity securities, market making, mergers and acquisition, trading of derivatives and FICC services. A distinctive feature of investments banks is that they do not obtain deposits from their clients, as evident among commercial banks.


Two lines of businesses are associated with investment banking; the buy side and the sell side. The sell side concerns market making and facilitating transactions. On the other hand, the buy side is involved with provision of investment advisory to institutions. Investment banks have research teams that carry out researches regarding investments and securities. There is a risk management team concerned with evaluation of markets and credit risks. Whenever investment banks issues bonds and issues, they acts as agents of their clients.


The main source of income for investment banks are the initial public offer (IPO). What they simply do is buy shares from a company in its initial public offering, after which they sell the same shares at a profitable share price.


Martin Lustgarten is a Florida-based investment banker. The highly successful investment banker offer his services to clients via his large investment bank named Lustgarten. He is regarded as a seasoned investment banker recognized all across United States. He provide the best investment solutions to his clients with customer satisfaction his major strength.


With investment banking industry growing and many people turning to investment banks for advice, Martin has managed to secure a place for himself in the industry. Martin Lustgarten is very active on social media with his presence in Facebook and Twitter. You can also access his personal profile and career achievements via his Instagram account.

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Skout Gives Back In A Fun Way

In an article recently published by PR Newswire, the social app giant Scout surveyed more than 3,000 of its users to see which flavor potato chip people prefer and what that tells about them. 96% of those app users stated that they liked the potato chips and of that 96% of citrus chip fans seem to have the most friends. Of those that prefer the lime and citrus flavor potato chips, 42% of those people had about five good friends.

47% of the people polled that prefer hot and spicy chips which would include flavors such as Cajun and jalapeno stated that they are more likely to be adventurous in their bedroom. About 14% of the chips and that prefer low, or no salt on their chips tend to exercise more frequently. Those that prefer plain chips are about 28% and cheddar chips about 26% appear to be the least likely to exercise.

Of those that were pulled in the study the users were asked which late night TV host who would be most likely to share a bag of chips with. 39% of those polled said they would like to share a bag of chips with Jimmy Fallon, 22% of those polled said that they would like to share a bag of chips with Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert got 12%, Seth Meyers came in fourth with 11%, Trevor Noah got 7%, and James Corden and John Oliver both received 5% of the vote.

Those that vote for Democratic candidates said they would like to share a bag of chips with about 57% of users said that they would rather share their bag of chips with Hillary Clinton as opposed to 43% stating that they would rather share their bag of potato chips with Bernie Sanders. For the Republicans, most of those polled said that they would prefer to share their chips with Donald Trump. Of all those that voted Donald Trump got the most votes which are estimated to be around 33%.Ted Cruz fans seem to prefer cheddar chips while Marco Rubio fans are more likely to favor like those that support Donald Trump seem to prefer BBQ chips where are John Kasich supporters more likely to eat low salt chips. Of all those that voted Donald Trump got the most votes which are estimated to be around 33%. Skout allowed users to give virtual chip donations in exchange for real food donations to the SF-Marin Food Bank.

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Fabletics Provides New Fashion Options

Kate Hudson has taken the world of workout clothing by storm providing her own unique take on how fashionable workout gear can be. This company has laid the groundwork for what is fashionable in the yoga pants genre. In a recent interview with Marie Claire Magazine, Hudson revealed some of her recent releases and new products being rolled out for their ever broadening site. This is happening by the introduction of what Hudson calls athleisure wear in Fabletics. This is going to provide a comfortable, great looking dress that looks fantastic and will be able to be seen in public. All of the girls who love to stay in their comfortable workout clothing can now take their look to an appealing next level.

The new line of dresses seemed like a natural progression for Hudson and Fabletics. They already provide some of the cutest and most comfortable workout gear on the market today. It is a great feeling to be able to go to your workout and know that you look fantastic and all of your body is covered and supported during the most stressful activities. That type of confidence is now being implemented into the new athleisure wear. It works a lot like your favorite leggings on It supports and compresses the backside and makes every part of you look its absolute best. Hudson believes the dresses are perfect for most settings including at the office or out on the town. Whatever you are doing, this clothing line will give you the power to look great and be beautiful.

The dresses are created using the same sturdy and flexible fabrics that all of their workout gear is made from and that creates the supportive and sturdy feel that will allow you to be more active. Hudson doesn’t recommend that you go hiking in the dress but it will provide plenty of support for you when you go out on the town. Some of the dresses on come with a built in bra already included. That of course makes them extremely comfortable and shows the support and confidence that they provide their customers. Even the dresses that require a bra are easy to wear and don’t require a lot of effort to look great.

There are also a new line of bathing suits coming out from Fabletics that are designed to look great but also to provide support so that a girl could wear the top as a sports bra and still look great at the beach. It is important that ladies are able to be as active as possible but also to provide a feeling of protection without compromising their beauty or femininity. Hudson is glad to be associated with Fabletics so that they can provide great looking athletic style clothing for all occasions that is much less expensive than others can provide. 

Fond Memories of Stephan Murray of CCMP Capital

Stephan Murray and an Incredible Life

Stephan Murray was born on August 2, 1962 and he had passed away on March 12, 2015. This is a man who fully lived his life. He impacted many during his career at CCMP Capital and he made a large dent in society. He was married to Tami Murray and together they had four children.

He had an intriguing career after he graduated from college in the year 1984. He attended Boston College and earned his degree in economics. He did not stop there because he then obtained his master’s degree in business administration. He had moved on to Columbia Business School in the year 1989.

A Supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and More

During his life, Stephan Murray was an individual who incorporated philanthropy into his own life. One of the organizations that he supported was the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This was of Metro New York. This is an organization that will grant a wish to a child. Read more: A History of CCMP Capital And Its Founding CEO Stephen Murray

The goal of this organization is to make a wish come true. This is for any child who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. Stephan supported this worthy cause. Giving many children a sense of hope and fulfilling at least one of their dreams.

Stephan Murray also became involved in several other philanthropy endeavors. He was a generous man who truly believed in giving to his community. Philanthropy and Stephan Murray of CCMP Capital have left many fond memories. Stephan Murray has left a beautiful legacy.

A Private Equity Investor

Stephen Murray was last employed at CCMP Capital. He was chief executive officer and president. Once again, Stephan left his noteworthy mark and a solid legacy. Stephan has a long list of career accomplishments. He was an intelligent and talented man who worked hard and gave 100 percent of himself. Read more: The Exponential Growth of CCMP Capital Under Stephen Murray’s Leadership

A Life Well-Lived

Stephan Murray is a man who is indeed still missed and fondly thought of. He is a person that had a life well-lived. Stephan was an inspiration. He was a family man amongst his other life endeavors. He touched many lives during his lifetime and this is the reason that people have so many fond memories of Stephan Murray. These are memories of a man who was not afraid to a full and active life.

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Talk Fusion Changes How We Do Business

When it comes to business, communication is key. This is why more and more businesses are turning to video solutions to improve communications all across the board. Talk Fusion is a company that owes its rapid growth to this expanding trend.

Talk Fusion is a leading video communications platform. They offer unique solutions for a variety of businesses looking for innovative communications solutions. One of the most popular solutions they offer is live video conferencing.

Live video conferencing is rapidly growing for international businesses. By utilizing this technology, businesses are able to cut cost related to travel and lodging that typically occur with standard face to face meetings. This technology also allows meetings to be scheduled more freely, which results in greater communication with business partners.

Talk Fusion also offers some of the greatest technological developments in video communication. They offer complete support for a multitude of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This allows users’ to utilize the video service while on the go, as well as in the comfort of their own homes. The company is continuing to develop new and innovative solutions for a variety of communications needs, thanks in part to the leadership of Bob Reina.

Bob Reina has over twenty years of communications marketing experience. He prides himself on the level of detail that Talk Fusion gives their products. Even with his busy schedule leading Talk Fusion, he still makes time for charitable causes, such as animal rights. His direct leadership style has helped Talk Fusion to grow into the company it is today.

Bob Reina continues to work with the company to develop effective communications tools for a variety of business sectors. Thanks to his commitment to product development, the multitude of solutions Talk Fusion offers will only continue to grow.

Talk Fusion is on the forefront of communications development for businesses. They offer innovative solutions that are designed to fit the growing needs of businesses everywhere. When it comes to providing innovative solutions, Talk Fusion is the game changer we’ve been waiting for.

Leo’s Wikipedia Page Gets Hacked

Wikipedia is a resource that many of us use on a regular basis. The one problem with Wikipedia articles is that they can be changed by any user on the Wikipedia system. This is something that can cause problems for many celebrities and businesses. In most recent news, Leonardo DiCaprio was the victim of a Wikipedia page hacking. His page now shows the phrase “FINALLY HAS A GODDAMNED OSCAR” after every occurrence of his name. This is something that will be hard for the celebrity to take care of on his own. Most likely the crew of publicists that DiCaprio has on staff are already taking care of this issue. 

It is incredible to see the lengths that fans will go to in order to show their devotion to their favorite actors. Wikipedia stunts like this have been going on for quite some time. The timing of this Wikipedia stunt was perfect with the recent Best Actor Award the DiCaprio earned at the Oscars. It will be exciting to see what length fans will go to in order to show their devotion in the coming days and weeks.  However, now Leo will have to hire Wiki experts from a Wikipedia editing service to polish his page for him.

Wikipedia has for many years been one of the best ways to gain legitimacy as a professional or business. Companies are out there ready to help you create a Wikipedia page that is the best it can possibly be. Get Your Wiki is the leading company that will be able to help individuals or businesses get the Wikipedia page that they are looking for. The professional Wiki writers working at this firm have the expertise and skills needed to create top of the line Wikipedia pages for their clients. There are very few companies that can help to create a Wikipedia page as effectively as Get Your Wiki.

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Small Screen Stars Return For

The stars of some of the most famous soap operas in the history of U.S. TV are making a splash in the different genre of scripted reality television. Stars including Donna Mills, Hunter Tylo, and Crystal Hunt will return alongside cult soap opera stars like Joan Collins in a bid to take the genre back to its former glory. After falling out of favor with TV executives in recent years an all female cast of former soap opera stars have now formed a production company, intent on producing a modern soap opera that will be shown on network TV.

Crystal Hunt is one of the most famous names to have ever appeared in soap operas after making her mark in “Guiding Light”, and “One Life To Live”; it was her performance as Stacy Morasco in “One Life To Live” that left an indelible mark on the soap opera industry for the many shocking stories her character was involved in. As with all scripted reality shows the versions of themselves the cast portray are fictionalized in many ways, which for the “Queens Of Drama” means bringing a little of their soap opera characters, such as Stacy Morasco, back to the screen.  In fact Crystal and the ladies gave a great interview about the show coming up.

The career of Crystal Hunt has been successful throughout her life, including her time as a child star with the Disney production company. Hunt embarked on her career as a soap star at a young age, but has constantly returned to the big screen as she attempted to create a career that encompasses all aspects of the entertainment industry. In recent years the focus of Crystal Hunt has taken her both behind and in front of the camera in her search for continued success; one of the best known roles she has undertaken since the end of her soap opera days has been that of Lauren in “Magic Mike: XXL”. Crystal Hunt has also looked to take a more active role in the production of the movies she has appeared in, particularly in her role as executive producer for “Talbot County”.

Over the course of the seasons “Queens Of Drama” has been a major success for the women involved in the show, which includes an expanding cast as the move towards producing a new soap opera has become more important than ever before. The chance for viewers to see just how a new show is put together by a group of experienced performers is an intriguing apsect of the reality show; the relationships built between the all female cast is a further aspect of the show that has drawn viewers deeply into the mission of the group to create an entirely new soap oerpa for the digital age.

Popular Dating Apps Such As Skout Expect To See New Users

Apps have become increasingly popular in recent years. Users have found it possible to use their cellphones for many things including reaching out to others. Many of the most popular apps have users that number in the thousands and even more. According to a recent report in AdWeek about the most popular kind of apps, most people tend to use certain apps more than others. They often stick to a few proven apps that are right for them and allow them to be able to do things in life such as stay in contact with others and even find ways to date. Such apps are highly prized by users because they know exactly how to use them.

One company that has been able to tap into this kind of access is app provider Skout. This app has been one of the nation’s popular apps. People in many places have found that using it enables them to make connections with others in varied and important ways. They know they can count on Skout to provide them with access to others who also share their passion for jazz or want to try out a new Greek restaurant in their area and love the ideal of meeting there for lunch or just a quick slice of baklava.

The app aims to help connections of this kind easier and allow users to be able to pick and chose which kind of connections are just right for them. They also have found that Skout can help them locate both people who live locally and those who live in other parts of the world. They also know that they can count on the app to help the find someone who might share their interests when they are traveling to another part of the world and want to meet with them. This kind of meetup can be ideal for the traveler who has never been to that part of the world before and may not know it well. They can meet with someone who knows the region well and wants to show it to them.

Another popular use of this kind of app is for holidays such as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is traditionally when people seek out the company of others and those they love. It is also when people want to be much closer to others. Those at Skout expect to see a big uptick in the fourth quarter of the year as users around the world turn to Skout for help in locating the right potential partner for them. They know that people rely on their app to help them locate someone who shares their specific interests and and wants to use this holiday to help them reach out and make romantic connections with the right partner for them. They also know that using this app is a great way for any person to accomplish this task and locate many possible potential partners who are right for them and share their personal world view.

Brian Torchin Finds Success In The Health Industry

Brian Torchin is the owner and president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, also known as HCRC staffing, which is an online employment site for medical professionals. Torchin began HCRC staffing to connect employees with potential employers and help the health industry as a whole become more economical. LinkedIn shows that Brian Torchin received a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science at the University of Delaware before beginning his career in chiropractic medicine. He also has a background in sports medicine and physical therapy.

Working in the industry himself, he learned just how hard it is to find jobs in the healthcare industry. Torchin decided to begin HCRC with the goal to help his fellow medical practitioners find jobs and provide staff to health care businesses with effeciency. His services have already provided hospitals across the United States with many qualified medical professionals.

His resume shows that his once small business is growing into one of the biggest healthcare recruiting agencies in the world. Torchin opened offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida that branch out to the rest of the United States, and has even expanded into Europe, Canada, Australia, and Asia. Torchin works to provide professional, hassle free service and increase communication between employers and potential staff.  They’ve grown to become one of the most successful staffing agencies in the country.

He uses his own knowledge of running an efficient chiropractic practice to give others in the healthcare world advice on making their businesses better and improve the quality in care provided to patients. Torchin founded HCRC staffing on ethical, detail-oriented, and expedient values. He relies on his years of medical experience and knowledge to help others through his expanding business services.  From Brian Torchin’s bio on, you can see that he definitely has many years of knowledge.

Torchin also makes time to write articles for the firm’s blog, which cover topics on everything from sound business practices to finding the right person to hire. He has a positive outlook helping people in the health industry, no matter the situation, and is always available to answer questions. He is also involved in traveling across the country to publicly speak on solving the issues that plague the health industry’s workforce.